So many people wondered how Wells Fargo could have created so many fake bank accounts over such a long period of time.  How did so many employees buy into the sales practices scandal?  Where was company leadership?

One short answer to a long series of questions and investigations — someone, somewhere in the company made it ok.

Here’s the one takeaway for you, as a business owner, CEO or person in charge:  You are in charge of your culture.  You get to create your company, division or department how you want to.  If there is a behavior that is unacceptable, bullies or steals from others, it’s up to you to do something about it.

That can be a hard thing to do when you have bills to pay, a roof to put over your head and all other financial obligations.

But at what cost?

Take time today to revisit the culture around you.  Here are three ways to get the conversation going, courtesy of Harvard Business Review.