Creating Real Life Magic Everyday

A 15-minute pick-me-up, inspiring talk — interactive, fun and your audience will be able to take action on what they learn! Great for lunches and in between lengthy lectures/seminars.

Wired for Success: Core Values Leadership

At last — the answer to who you are at a wired-in, unchanging nature level. You’ll be able to let go of feeling like you have to fix or change anything about you, the way you are and the way you aren’t.

How to Find Your C-Spot

Not for women only. When things aren’t going the way you want or you need a pick-me-up — it’s time to find your C-spot — you guessed it — your creativity. Unleash the childlike spirit in you again no matter what you’re up to in your life or career.

Say Goodbye to Shy

Learn why “Shy” is only a conversation and what you can do about it. How to dump that label in the trash and be the full expression of you — anywhere, anytime and under any circumstance.

The Core Dynamics of Leadership

If the computer operating systems were out of date at a Fortune 100 Corporation, they’d upgrade them in a New York minute. What if it were as easy to upgrade the Human Operating Systems in that company as fast? It is — here’s how. Three basics; 12 steps; 8 techniques. Open minds required.

Marketing Your Mission

In less than four hours, you’ll be excited about your job again — whether you love what you do, or the golden handcuffs have you locked in for a little while longer. And if it’s not your job, then you’ll be present again to what it is you love, what you are passionate about — and create an action plan to include slices of that into your world again — no matter how busy you are!

Vaporize Your Stress and Anxiety

Developed for athletes, used by golfers, tri-athletes and other pros and weekend warriors — learn how to dissolve and resolve what gets in the way of your game.

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